Protecting your farms from competitors.

When you have a good farm, giving you lot of resources, you might want to have this for your own. Just as others. A farm can in fact be a battleground it selv, between you and your opponent.

A normal way to react when someone is breaking your sieges / killing your reinforcements and replacing their own, to keep the control, would be to attack the farm / liberate it, to get it back in your control.

This move, will certanly work. In the moment. But what you in fact do is to TELL your opponent that you are there, and you also give him a good chance to get an overwiew of what you have set into the farm to protect the resources. If you havent sent a LOT of silent ones to avoid the farm to get spied, your opponent easily can get an overwiew, and there after tune in an attack that leaves just a few of your defenders, for then to set a full raid to get most resources possible. This is NOT what you want him to do, right?

If you have a farm that is reinforced by an opponent, then simply send much more reinforces tp the same farm.. remember that your opponent HAS his forces there allready. He will NOT get a message about that you have reinforced the same farm as he has.
The chanses are small for that he will spy a farm where he havent gotten a message of, that someone has raided with his troops in.

This move will give your opponent quite a surprice. Make sure that your reinforce has a power that will ruin his offence and give him a cost of resources to build up again, that can be compared to the ammount of resources that is in the castle!
This move will probably gain that you will have tha farm alone. Or at least, there will be a big chance for it. After the first attack, then set a good amount of silent ones in, so he will not be able to spy the castle with your troops in. Do NOT give him the overwiew. In many cases, this will keep your opponent away from your farms in the future  :)


Many players wonders what the troop-loss will be in a given level of the BG’s.

My experience with the BG’s ( i do not do defensive BG’s though I think that defence is booring) is that it is rather expensive due to the loss of troops you are having compared to what you get back when you have done the quest.

As this loss for sure, ALLWAYS will be there, then what is the plus…?

Most of the time, you will get troops that you arent capable of in your castle.. ( occults or bestiary) or you would use a long time to recruit.

I concider BG’s as an “investment”, in that matter that the damage you do to the cave or althar you are working on, does not re-build. It will stay at exactly the same damaged level (slight, cripling, moderat, or critical loss) even if you stop hammering them for weeks before you continues again. The loss is naturally more remarkable if you have decided to do one level in one attack.

What I will recommend, is that you brew up about 50 or 100 pikes a day ( tune this after your level at castle) and use these AND the Wraiths. They are free, why not use them to earn something extra!?

The point is that the troopcount you use to work down the count of occults with, shouldnt be affecting very much on your daily play. And BE patient, the price WILL come to you in the end. Rushing will only lead you to loss that will affect your game more than it should.

Ive figured out that the increase of the number of occults in a cave is between 20 and 25 % up per level you raise. If the occult count is for example a total of… lets say 100 at lvl 10, then you might concider that it should be about 125 at lvl 11, and 155-160 at lvl 12, and thereby approx. 200 level 13, 240 at 14, 310 at lvl 15, about 390 at lvl 16, etc etc.
Ive done lvl 38, and I might tell you that it is a pretty tough nut to crack.

Anyway, good luck with the fights in the battlegrounds. remember, take your time, no one is taking them away from you!  :)


“Follow home” – A strategy for use if you are getting attacked

I do not have a picture right now of the attack.But if you are having an incoming attack,
you might be able to track down the raiding-time on it.
If you sit by the PC while its getting on, you will know the raiding time, from your enemy’s castle. If not, try do “divide” the graph in your tracking of the keep, to figure out.
Then go to your enemy’s castle at the map, and try to set a raid ( do NOT execute!) to se if it matches the raiding time at the incoming raid. If the opponent has put pikes in it, it will be enough for you to put ONE single pike in it yourself, to adjust to get the same raid time as he does.
OR you can simply take a chance that the slowest he uses is pikes or paladins.

HIDE all offence in the catacombs. Remember to use most of what you can of resources,
and that you, by loading caravans, in fact makes it impossible to the enemy to catch whats loaded.

Now, as the enemy is exactly ONE minute and FIVE seconds away from hitting you, you go to the catacombs. You use about 7 seconds to do so. ( You may “exercise” a little of this, so you know your time spending for this.)
Then you release the beast from the catacombs, exactly 58 seconds before he hits you.

Now, you go to his castle at the map. Turn up the volume of your computer, so that you can hear when he hits you. And as you do, you push the “raid” button as quick as you can, and choose “all” and go.

An approach into a castle allways goes slower than a release, so you will catch in the two seconds you are behind.

As the enemy approaches home, with his offence maybe halfway broken after visiting your def in your castle, you knock the door in the same second without he is having a slight chance to hide his offence, and you will crush him completely if you have an offence that is good enough. ;)



Tips and hints of how to succeed in Stormfall


As a faithful player of stormfall – age of war, I have seen that there is several different strategies to use within the game, that might help me to better / faster success.

Some of them , I have discovered myself, some other have been learned by other players during the game.

Down below, there will be set posts for different strategies in the time coming.

Feel free to tell if there is things you do not agree to, and be kind to set a reason for it, as well, if so is.

I wish you all a good game, players!

Tor Baerland – Captain – The grimm Reapers

My Castle today, 03.05.2013